Who We Are

Irvin M. Henderson, Principal

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Irvin M. Henderson is the principal of a development and consulting firm with expertise in the areas of:

  • community development, education, and training
  • project design and management
  • historic preservation
  • strategic planning
  • tax credit development and structuring

He works in association with a varying team of national and international experts on needs and opportunities presented by these subject areas. He brings a background in financial planning and community development that ranges from neighborhood residential and commercial development, brokering securities, to grass roots empowerment.

Henderson and Company is currently partnered with 4 other development titans to oversee the 3 major Birmingham / Ensley projects. Together they are Historic District Developers, each with over 30 years of industry experience:

Historic District Developers

Carlton Brown

Irvin Henderson

Gizman Abbas
Malcolm Shepherd

Kevin Krulewitch

Meet the Team

The Core Team:

Historic District Developers, LLC

Ensley District Developers

Direct Invest Development, LLC

Henderson & Company

Henderson and Company Structure

Irvin Henderson, Principal / Project Executive, Tax Credits / Finance

Carlton Brown, Principal / Project Executive

Malcolm Shepherd, Senior Project Manager

Kevin Krulewitch, Project Manager and Senior Consultant